The Caldicot Group says the removal of the Severn Bridge tolls combined with the development of the M4 relief road will lead to more companies specialising in the logistics and distribution sectors locating to South Wales along the M4 corridor.

The company, which is headquartered in Caldicot and has network of recovery operations throughout the UK, says it is investing significantly to ensure these new businesses are supported with their recovery needs.

It predicts the growth of businesses moving to the region will mean a greater need for improved breakdown support along the M4 in South Wales to ensure businesses are able to operate effectively. In the last 12 months alone the Group’s recovery division has dealt with more than 2,000 customer vehicle breakdowns on the 80-mile stretch of motorway between Chepstow and Carmarthenshire.

In total the company deals with more than 20,000 breakdowns every year and as a Highways England approved contractor is responsible for the recovery provision of some of the UK’s biggest motorway improvement schemes.

Gavin Edwards, Managing Director of the Caldicot Group, said: “The removal of the Severn Bridge tolls and development of the M4 relief road is excellent news for the South Wales economy. Due to commercial land opportunities that exist along the M4 corridor the area is ripe for companies in the logistics and distribution sectors to move or expand their operations to the region.

“We know a number of our existing customers, who are headquartered in England, are now looking at investing in the region because of these recent announcements.

“What is key for these businesses is being able to operate effectively in getting from A to B. That is why we are investing significantly in further expanding our operations so that these companies are supported with their recovery needs and have a system in place that keeps them moving.

“Breakdowns affect every business that relies upon a fleet of vehicles and when they are not moving they are not making money. Our job is to ensure they can continue moving as quickly as possible and therefore the impact of a breakdown is minimal to their operations and finances. In doing so we can ensure these businesses benefit from the investments being made in the region to its road infrastructures.”